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Health & Beauty

STAT’s streamlined solution recovered trapped revenue by analyzing detailed commercial transactions on behalf of a Health & Beauty vendor.


Annual Revenue



Client Since

December 2017

Our Approach

A second-pass audit to identify any missed deductions.

Long-Term Results

STAT reduced post-audit claims by 50% through improved processes.




Expertise trumps software-only solutions. Our expertise in financial recovery proved invaluable as our auditors meticulously examined millions of records to verify transaction accuracy.

Painstakingly piecing together the puzzle of commercial activities and armed with our extensive, in-depth knowledge of forensic auditing, we deftly maneuvered through the complexities of what other recovery firms missed with their SaaS-only solutions.

The one constant in retail transactions is change. Software-only solutions are grounded in history, and they miss what is current and future-looking. This successful outcome not only restored the HBA vendor's promotional revenue but also reaffirmed our unwavering commitment to ensuring that our clients’ funds were reinvested to grow their business with Walmart. The satisfaction of playing a role in this remarkable recovery is truly gratifying for our entire team at STAT.


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