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STAT Leadership Team


Casey Roberts

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Casey Roberts is the founder and CEO of STAT Recovery Services. He worked in Walmart’s accounting department before starting STAT, and he worked on many of the accounts payable systems and processes that Walmart still uses today. Casey now uses that expertise to help suppliers get paid everything they are owed from Walmart.

  • Leads overall company strategy and execution
  • Previously was a key member of the Walmart Accounting team developing accounts payable systems and processes used by Walmart
  • Founded STAT to use his expertise to help suppliers get paid funds that were deducted improperly from old transactions
  • An autodidact visionary educating national credit groups monthly and a member of SFNet
  • Alteryx and supply chain recovery expert, passionate public speaker
  • A foodie who loves travel, aviation, classic cars, and unique things
Todd Headshot

Todd Reeves

Founder & Vice President

Todd Reeves is a founder and the Vice President of STAT Recovery. He has 20+ years of sales experience ranging from Real Estate to restaurants. Since the founding days of STAT, Todd has concentrated his efforts on motivating the people around him through example and empowerment

  • Todd currently supports STAT’s overall sales division & partnerships. Attaining, maintaining, and enhancing relationships with the partners who have carried us to where we are today.
  • Additionally, he leads STAT’s charitable contributions. Todd is an active board member of The Havenwood Organization, a transitional center for women & young children in crisis. He also recently accepted the position of Executive Board Member of the Gather to Scatter charity, which supports local schools, children, families, and animals in need.
  • He and his wife Jordan, love international travel, great food, and rescuing animals. They currently have 4 dogs, but are always looking to add to the family.
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Rich Lawrence

Chief Commercial Officer

Rich is the CCO at STAT Recovery Services. He worked in progressive consumer package goods for over twenty-five years and demonstrates the highest level of imagination and execution. He specializes in building businesses to achieve growth and drive results. Rich brings his previous experience and knowledge to STAT and suppliers to aid in revenue recovery management.  

  • Leads sales, marketing, and client experience
  • Developed, sourced, and trained a 500-person consumer sales organization; built several Walmart accounts teams; and have designed and implemented processes and policies to sustain existing business growth on a national level
  • Bachelor’s in management from Indiana University
  • Completed negotiation and business problem solving programs at Harvard Law and MIT Sloan School
  • Awarded Certificate of Professional Development from Wharton Business School
  • Enjoys reading, teaching, and traveling with his family
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Steven Terry

Chief Operating Officer

Steven Terry is the COO at STAT Recovery Services. He worked at Walmart for eleven years in a variety of roles supporting supplier programs and discovering solutions for suppliers. Steven helps suppliers recover money from improper claims while also improving performance to reduce charges moving forward. 

  • Leads White Table Division responsible for developing new solutions for client recoveries 
  • 11 years with Walmart in a variety of roles: Supplier Programs, Supplier Solutions, International Strategy, Real Estate, Corporate Strategy, Global Sourcing, Logistics Finance, and Investor Relations 
  • Harding University – bachelor’s in accounting and finance 
  • Recipient of Walmart’s “Billion Dollar Challenge” award
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Brian Hughes

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Hughes is the CFO at STAT Recovery Services. He worked at Walmart first as a merchant and then for eleven years in line of business CFO and strategy roles focused on business transformation. Brian went on to lead finance at multiple fast-growing tech and professional service companies and leverages his expertise to support STAT’s mission of helping suppliers get paid everything they’re owed. 

  • Leads finance, accounting, and legal activities 
  • 5 years tech professional services CFO, 11 years line of business CFO and strategy at Walmart, retail merchandise buyer, and software developer 
  • UVA Darden MBA, Brigham Young University BS Computer Science 
  • Arkansas CFO of the Year, Eagle Scout, Buyer of the Year, Sam Walton Entrepreneur of the Year 
  • Fluent in French, PE-backed CFO, and certified futurist and growth coach
  • Large active family that loves music, boating, running, biking, community service and travel
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Kurtis Welch

Chief Technology Officer

Kurtis Welch is the CTO of STAT Recovery Services. Throughout his eighteen years of experience, he has worked as an entrepreneur to found multiple companies as well as develop products at the executive level across a variety of industries. Kurtis leads high performing teams that build STAT’s broad suite of software and analyze the underlying data to recover funds for STAT’s clients. 

  • Leads engineering, product, and IT 
  • 18 years of software development experience, Founder and CEO of two tech-based fully remote startups with 10-20 employees 
  • Texas A&M University, Computer/Electrical Engineering 
  • Led a youth program for boys for four years 
  • Software/web development, scalability, DevOps, promoting a health remote work culture, recruiting talented engineers 
  • Enjoys kayaking, camping, hiking, and video games 
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Steve Anderson

Senior Vice President of Innovation

Steve Anderson is the SVP of Innovation at STAT Recovery Services. He worked in forensic accounting at PwC and Walmart for thirteen years before joining the STAT team. He’s a true data geek who loves applying data and process acumen to help Walmart suppliers recover all the money they are owed by Walmart. 

  • Leads operational and analytical capabilities 
  • 13 years of experience as a forensic accountant at PwC and Walmart 
  • Founded PwC Forensics team in Bogota, Columbia 
  • A true data geek, Steve loves working with data and presenting insights that help people make sound business decisions 
  • CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner, L2 KNIME, Fluent in Spanish 
  • Loves international travel, outdoors/nature, and spending time with his wife and four children
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Jason Pluenneke

Vice President of Audit Services

Jason Pluenneke is the Vice President of Audit Services at STAT Recovery Services. He has over 25 years of experience with multiple retailers in the areas of auditing, data analytics, and payment integrity. Jason brings his previous experience to STAT clients and helps them navigate the complex and ever-changing transaction landscape to improve their bottom line.

  • Leads delivery of post audit avoidance work for clients 
  • Longtime data, post audit, and people leadership at Cotiviti, CompuCom, PRGX, and Transamerica 
  • BS Finance and IS focus at University of UT-Arlington 
  • Specializes in forensic auditing, risk analysis and mitigation, profit recovery and  information governance 
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified SAFe 5 Agilist and Founding Director of ISACA Fayetteville AR Chapter
  • Enjoys playing tennis, crossfit and overland camping
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Jodi Geigle

Vice President of Client Experience

Jodi Geigle is Vice President of Client Experience at STAT Recovery Services. She has ten years of experience leading world-class client service and customer success teams across diverse industries and services, including fintech, health tech, SaaS, and AI software. That experience, paired with innovative and operational excellence, now drives the end-to-end journey for STAT clients through strategic client experience, engagement, and retention. 

  • Leads the Client Experience department 
  • 10 years’ experience in scaling and leading client experience teams for B2B and B2C health tech and retail tech companies with corresponding strategic customer engagement processes and retention 
  • University of Southern California, B.A. 
  • Passionate supporter of women and children focused charities 
  • AADP CHC, Nutritionist 
  • Dedicated runner, reader, and whiskey enthusiast with a focus on her family and travel
John Gunther

John Gunther

Vice President of Sales

John Gunther is the Vice President of Sales at STAT Recovery Services. Prior to joining the STAT Team, John held multiple roles across CPG organizations. He worked with Walmart U.S. and Walmart International for fifteen years with Pinnacle Foods, Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, and Acosta. John leverages these past experiences to strategically help clients with their revenue and recovery management. 

  • Leads sales and sales operations teams 
  • Multitude of roles across CPG organizations including Walmart U.S. and Walmart International with Pinnacle Foods, Procter & Gamble, SC Johnson, & Acosta 
  • 15 years’ experience in Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Analytics and Enablement, Retail Planning, and Customer Supply Chain 
  • Certified Retail Analyst 
  • Active board member for Will Golf 4 Kids, supporting Arkansas Children’s Hospital 
  • Enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and his four children