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Most suppliers don't realize they’ve left funds on the table — STAT’s proprietary process identifies and captures them with just a little help from your team.

STAT Dashboard
One Time Analysis

One-Time Analysis

Our experts can increase your team's recovery rates from 50% to 100% — and we only get paid when you do. 

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Our software helps your internal team automate deductions and more for a low monthly fee. 

Our Approach

Our expert analysts know exactly how to spot transaction errors from your retailer, capture those funds and return them to you. 

Whether we provide an initial recovery or not — our proprietary software can work alongside your team to provide ongoing support, automation, and new recovery opportunities.


Schedule a Free,
No-Risk Audit


STAT will perform a holistic analysis of your retailer transactions, which can encompass 2 years of history, at no cost to you.


Sit Back While We
Find Missing Money

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We’ll share what we found — and then get to work recovering it on your behalf.


Get Paid in as
Little as 8 Weeks


The best part! Get your money back in as little as 8 weeks. We don’t get paid until you get paid.


Get Ongoing Support With Our Tools


The easiest and fastest way to manage ongoing deductions with our experts at your side. 


Deduction Management,
Done For You

Our client support and proprietary technology put you at the helm of deduction management for a low monthly price — with no contingent fees.

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Dispute Automation

Our software automatically submits disputes in real-time as they are received from your retailer.

Document Collection
Automatically collect and attached Bill of Lading and Proof of Delivery documents.
Claim Avoidance
Our experts identify improvements that can reduce and avoid claims entirely.
Dashboard Analytics
We take a closer look to provide insight into your claims — and what’s driving them.
Denial Sampling
We know exactly how to identify and escalate invalid dispute denials.
Low-Cost Monthly Subscription
No contingent fees: manage standard dispute recoveries for a low monthly price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

STAT’s software is available via a monthly subscription fee, offering continuous deduction management and automation.

Historic and project-based recoveries are done on a contingent fee based on what charges are saved or avoided.

How do I know that you can help me?

Our extensive experience and success in revenue recovery for retail suppliers underscores our ability to help you. We utilize specialized software and a detailed audit process to identify and recoup missed revenue opportunities, directly enhancing your profitability.

What sets STAT apart from other companies?

STAT distinguishes itself through a dedicated focus on retail suppliers and a unique blend of specialized software and contingency-based audit services. Our team’s expertise and commitment to driving profitability through diligent revenue recovery make us a trusted partner in your financial management.


Safeguard your revenue while increasing transaction accuracy.

STAT's Proprietary Process

We identify retailer transaction errors and re-capture your funds — so you can invest even more back into your customer.

STAT Client Portal


Takes 5 minutes to setup and begin the audit 

Size of the Prize


Free, no-risk analysis shows what we can recover

Historic Cleanup
Recover 2-3 years of shortages in as little as 60 days (we don't get paid until you do) 
Dispute Management
Utilize our software to automate disputes and documents (low monthly subscription) 
Denial Sampling & Escalation
Take disputes to the next level when an invalid denial is used
Compliance & Avoidance


Improve processes to avoid unnecessary invoice deductions

Strategic Recoveries


Pursue money from other claim types: post audits, returns, cash discounts, pricing, allowances, shipping compliance and OTIF